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Maxwell is a six-year project, the foundations of which were laid in 2014. Homemade burger in one of the pioneers of the industry in Turkey.

It is a burger brand that has always targeted since the first day of its opening and has achieved innovations and firsts. R&D work was carried out before the opening of Maxwell Burger, its targets were set well in advance, and it was established after a comprehensive study process such as number of branches, growth plan, material supply, and location determination.

Maxwell Burger has recently strengthened its infrastructure with steps towards branching.

It has a development team that closely follows the trends with its wide menu and diversity and conducts continuous research in order to provide the closest answer to the target audience's requests, and will always maintain this innovative perspective.



             Keep in mind the question mark. Everything you wonder about us is here!

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There is no Trans Fat * in our products!

According to the Turkish Food Codex Labeling Regulation Annex-14 Declaration Regarding Nutrients, foods containing less than 1 gram of trans fat per 100 grams of total fat are considered as "trans fat free" products.

How are Trans Fatty Acids formed?

Trans Fatty Acids are unsaturated fatty acids with at least 1 double bond in the trans configuration. Trans Fatty Acids arise during the conversion of oils into solid oils (hydrogenation).

In what foods are trans fatty acids found?

Some products of animal origin, such as whole milk and dairy products, mutton and lamb, may naturally contain 3-6% trans fatty acids. Trans fatty acids, which are at a level that does not harm human health in natural foods, can be found in high amounts in many processed and prepared foods due to their preparation procedures.

Why are Trans Fatty Acids harmful?

Trans Fats are thought to increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by increasing LDL cholesterol known as bad cholesterol and lowering HDL cholesterol known as good cholesterol.

According to studies, it is stated that every 2% increase in trans fatty acid consumption increases the risk of heart disease by 23%.

** Taken from the American Heart Foundation (WHA) official website.

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1. First class meat supply obtained from the special calves fed from nature ,

2. Use of natural, preservative and additive-free burger patties,

3. A pure presentation as much as the meals we prepare for our family in our home,

4. The indispensability of taste and continuity without compromising quality,

5. The fact that customer satisfaction is above everything with the idea that our customers are members of the Maxwell Burger family are our indispensable principles.

Are frying oils used all day long again?
No way. The frying oils we use in our restaurants are recycled for use in biodiesel production in a manner not to harm the environment and human health, in accordance with the principles of Regulation on Control of Vegetable Waste Oil, which was published in the Official Gazette No. 29378 dated June 6, 2015.
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It is an excessive reaction of the body to certain substances that are not normally harmful. The immune system that protects the body against diseases reacts excessively to a number of substances that are not harmful to some people. These reactions are called "Allergies" and the substances that cause allergic reactions are called "Allergens". The substances that cause food allergies in the Turkish Food Codex Labeling and Consumer Information Regulation are listed in the horizontal column in the table. Allergens in the products in the menu are indicated with "+" in the table.

However, there is no extra precaution in our kitchens to prevent cross-contamination of allergens.

Consumers should be informed that there is a risk of cross-contamination with allergen-containing items, as the open kitchens are used with intense tempo. If there are different questions from the consumers about the subject, you can consult the Restaurant manager.

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