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Maxwell Burger Website Privacy Policy

As Maxwell Burger, we are happy to inform our users who have visited about our confidentiality agreement and the collection of personal information. The items to be included in this contract are as follows.

- The Types of Information We Collect and How It Is Gathered

- Sharing Personal Information

- Privacy Policy Regarding Children

- Access

- Other Websites

- Use of Social Plugins

- Privacy Policy Changes

- How You Can Contact Us

Types of Information We Collect and How It Is Gathered

Maxwell Burger collects only the information provided by you. This information is the basic information that includes your name, surname, address and e-mail address, Facebook and Google username. Your personal information is collected in order to be able to return to you quickly when you become a member of any site or connect to our applications and to inform you about new products and campaigns if you give permission.

In-restaurant camera recording system: Camera recording system is used in our restaurants for the safety and operational purposes of our customers. In cases that require legal action, relevant records can be shared with the necessary official authorities.

Sharing Personal Information

Your personal information obtained can be shared with the Maxwell Burger family in accordance with the privacy policy.

These third parties work with you to serve you better; The companies that we prepare promotions, offers and competitions are the agencies we consult to support and improve our marketing and advertising processes, which we receive assistance in order to meet your demands more accurately and to eliminate technical problems. Your information will be shared only as long as you have the consent to perform such actions. The institutions that will use this information will only be able to access your information for the specified action in accordance with the privacy policy and data protection.

As long as you allow us, you will be emailed for new products, purchase offers, discount coupons, special news that we think you may be interested in, developments we are happy to share with you, and other promotions from Maxwell Burger or the institutions we work with. You can cancel your subscription unless you want to receive the e-mails sent in any case.

Maxwell Burger has the right to use or disclose your personal information in order to protect the integrity of, to meet your requests in the most accurate way and to protect the public security in cases that require legal and legal action. However, in this process, your information will not be shared with any third party.

Privacy Policy Regarding Children

As Maxwell Burger, we are very sensitive and sensitive about privacy. We are especially careful in our communications with children, our most valuable customers, and in our privacy policy.

Our aim is not to obtain the personal information of any child under the age of 13 without the permission of their parents and provide a free space for them.

Information from children under the age of 13 is only e-mail addresses. The purpose of collecting these e-mail addresses is to inform them about campaigns for children, to participate in promotions and competitions, and to win prizes. After e-mails are sent to children, they are automatically deleted from our system and no e-mail is stored in our system. Detailed information such as phone number, home address, postal code can not be requested from any child with whom we communicate by e-mail. In special cases where information should be sent (such as activities and competitions), the information can only be sent to us under the supervision and permission of the family.

Maxwell Burger receives permission from their families to observe the behavior of children in activities carried out on the internet.


You have the right to control and change any information you provide to Maxwell Burger. If you want to change the information in our database or if you want to make changes regarding your contact details, you can contact us via the addresses at the bottom of the page.

You can reach us at the moment you want to stop the deletion of your personal information or use of your information, and you can express your wishes and cancel the problem without any problems. To perform this action, simply fill out the request form.

Likewise, filling the request form to stop the use of the information we have obtained from your children under your supervision will speed up the cancellation process.

Use of Social Plugins

The social plugins of owned by Facebook Inc are used on our website or on our individual pages. When you want to open a page with a social plugin, your browser goes directly to Facebook servers and sends a notification to Facebook that you have logged into our website. If you are logged into your Facebook account, the Facebook notification will match the incoming data to your account. When you use the "like", "comment" functions of the plugin, the related data is sent to Facebook via your browser. Please refer to the Facebook Privacy settings regarding the use and processing of the data obtained by Facebook. If you do not want Facebook to collect information about you through our website, log out of your Facebook account before entering our site.

Privacy Policy Changes

As Maxwell Burger, there are some changes that we can make in our privacy policy in certain periods. In order to inform you of any changes, we state the changes on this page. Assuming that you check this page periodically, these changes do not include the past.

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